Effective Coaching: Insights From the Field


Across the state of North Carolina, there are educators whose role goes beyond improving learning experiences for K-12 students, including the teachers of those students. Some educators have titles like Instructional Technology Facilitator or Library Media Coordinator. Some educators have a full slate of classes they teach, using their planning periods to work with their peers and colleagues, while some educators devote their full day to working with teachers, and yet others are somewhere in between. From August to June, their presence is seen and felt on the campuses they serve. These teachers are instructional coaches and they are one of the greatest influencers of change within their respective districts.

To highlight the impact of instructional coaches in schools across the state, the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation conducted interviews with four instructional coaches from varying parts of the state of North Carolina. All of these educators provided different perspectives and experiences on their roles as coaches. Our interview questions focused on discovering how they evolved as coaches; learning about day-to-day responsibilities; peer interaction; the types of professional development and mentoring they seek; insights about education and the role of coaches; coaching strategies; challenges; and successes.

Meet The Coaches

Adam Wiseman is the Innovation and Digital Learning Coordinator (IDLC) in McDowell County Schools. Adam has over 15 years of experience with 10 of those years being a teacher in the elementary classroom and five as an IDLC. He loves to share his passion of technology and encourage/empower others to use it purposefully both in and out of the educational environment. You can find him on Twitter at @awisemannc.

Alicia Ray is the Lead Digital Learning and Media Innovation Facilitator for Surry County Schools in northwestern North Carolina. Alicia has 12 years of experience. She enjoys infusing her love of technology and her love of reading to empower students and teachers through engaging, relevant experiences. You can find her on Twitter at @iluveducating and on her blog at aliciaray.com.

Holly King is the Dare to Innovate Lead and secondary science instructor in Dare County Schools, on the east coast of North Carolina. Holly has 22 years of experience. She loves weaving technology into professional development opportunities for teachers and science content for students to encourage collaboration, enhance communication, and build leadership capacity. You can find her on Twitter at @hollysking and on her blog at hollysking.com.

Marli Boyd is a Media Coordinator in Cabarrus County Schools just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Marli has four years of experience. She loves connecting with her teachers to find unique ways to collaborate and meet their professional development needs, as well as finding innovative ways to adapt technology for her K-2 students. You can find her on Twitter at @librarianmarli.

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