Differentiation for All Learners: Foundations and Models

What does differentiation look like in a remote learning setting? We will share concrete, realistic, and customizable examples to support your curriculum and instruction.



We invite educators to continue to learn and grow with these resources. Discover and collect new ideas and examples relevant to you after viewing the session video and related resources. Take notes and reflect while you view so you can customize the techniques for your own remote learning and classroom needs and adapt the strategies for your students. Let these guiding questions support your reflective practice after viewing the session and/or reviewing of session materials:

  1. Prior to your transition to emergency remote learning, what opportunities for differentiation did you offer in your curriculum and instruction? How have these differentiation elements continued to support you and your students in your remote learning situation(s)? What have you had to modify and why?
  2. Based on the models shared, which element(s) resonate with you most, and why?
  3. In what ways can you offer opportunities to support students to learn at higher levels and/or offer student choice in how they demonstrate their learning at these levels?

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