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Over the past several years, districts throughout North Carolina have offered virtual learning opportunities to provide educational options for students and their families. Various models have emerged, based on the needs of each unique community. In some cases, virtual academies provide diverse course offerings in districts with limited in-person courses because of lost enrollment. In other areas, these virtual academies are the direct result of students and parents preferring a highly personalized, flexible environment over traditional schooling. While some of these schools are primarily asynchronous, others are a mix of synchronous and asynchronous virtual instruction, while still more are blended online and face-to-face experiences. To add another layer of variation between districts, these virtual academies and schools differ in their curriculum; they are creating their own, partnering with external organizations to use theirs or relying primarily on NC Virtual Public School (NCVirtual).

In January 2022, the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and NCVirtual Public School began the development of the Virtual Schools Network (VSN). The goal of the partnership is to develop a virtual schools network that connects and supports local traditional virtual public schools. The network promises to be responsive, innovative and sustainable to ensure the needs of stakeholders are paramount.

Currently the VSN team is preparing for our first annual Summer Institute (SI). This two-day convening [June 28-29] will be held at the Friday Institute in Raleigh, North Carolina, to celebrate our 2022-2023 VSN launch. Educators from across the state will connect to build individual and collective capacity and focus on addressing immediate and longer-term challenges faced by quality virtual school learning environments and their leadership teams. 

Register NOW for Summer Institute 2022

Registration is now open until June 3rd. If you are committed to transforming education and connecting with like minded stakeholders, this opportunity is for you. 


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