Virtual Schools Network

Virtual Schools Network

The Virtual Schools Network (VSN) is a partnership between the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and North Carolina Virtual Public School that supports and connects traditional virtual public schools. The VSN creates capacity building opportunities, designs quality courses, assesses technology needs, and establishes support structures to assist in scaling for size and planning for sustainability. Not only does this network create the space for educators to learn with and from one another, but also it offers opportunities for personalized support, professional development and advocating for the unique needs of virtual public schools and their educators across the state of North Carolina.

OUR MISSION is to enhance, connect and equip virtual schools with opportunities and resources that will enable educators to provide innovative virtual learning experiences for K-12 students. 

OUR VISION is to ensure that each virtual learner receives high-quality, equitable, personalized learning experiences that lead to post-secondary success.

For more information about how VSN can support you and your school, contact Jaclyn Stevens at

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