The Hill Center

The Hill Center (Hill) aspires to build a “learning collaborative” in East Durham that will provide struggling readers with intensive remediation support through delivery of the Hill Reading Achievement Program (HillRAP) while informing the development of the Hill Learning System (HLS) as a platform for helping meet the literacy needs of high-poverty schools. This effort will simultaneously provide a high-quality intervention for students, build the capacity of participating schools, and enhance the impact and scalability of the HLS as Hill seeks to serve more educators, schools and school systems across North Carolina.

The Friday Institute Research and Evaluation Group at NC State University will lead the evaluation of the Hill Center “Learning Collaborative.” Using a design-based implementation research (DBIR) approach, the Friday Institute will engage all partners in the design, implementation and iterative refinement of a scalable model for implementing and sustaining HillRAP in a variety of settings and contexts.

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