Study Abroad China 2019

Dr. Spires led her first study abroad course in May 2019, taking 11 students to three cities for “Exploring Culture and Education in China.” The students spent two weeks visiting Shanghai, Suzhou and Beijing, embracing the local culture and observing and co-teaching lessons. The students visited two Chinese schools Spires has built strong relationships with over the past decade. In 2010, she created a partnership with the Beijing Royal School, which has welcomed student teachers from NC State and sent 24 of their own teachers to the College of Education to receive their master’s of education degree through the New Literacies and Global Learning Program. In 2013, she helped create the Suzhou North American High School, which named her an honorary principal in 2017.  Each of the 11 students who participated in the study abroad program had the opportunity to partner with teachers at both the Beijing Royal School and Suzhou North American High School to develop and teach a lesson that covered either a core subject or an element of western culture. The topics chosen by students varied broadly, including the rules and history of basketball, mathematics concepts, the psychology of music and even a lesson on the British rock band Queen. During the trip, NC State students were also able to meet with the 24 Chinese College of Education alumni who have now taken on leadership positions at the Beijing Royal School. It was the first opportunity in several years for Spires to see the group who she said helped transform the school by introducing innovative pedagogies into what was once a traditional Chinese curriculum.

Study Abroad Leader:
Dr. Hiller A. Spires – Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor, TELS, College of Education
Ted Richardson
Student Participants:
Briana Barrett – Graduate, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MED
Darya Bontempo – Graduate, International Studies, MR
Thomas Carrington – Graduate, Teaching, MA
Curtis Chang – Sophomore, History, BA
Alyssa Halter  – Freshman, Middle Grades Education, BS
Jack O’Connor  – Junior, Psychology, BA
Jenna Taylor – Graduate, New Literacies & Global Learning, MS
Elizabeth Uzzell – Graduate, Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development, PhD
Lili Wang – Graduate, Teacher Education and Learning Sciences, PhD
Benjamin Wendt – Senior, Mathematical Education, BS
Jasmine Wilson – Graduate, Teaching, MA