Preparing to Teach Mathematics with Technology

The PTMT project, funded by NSF from 2005 – 2017, has developed three sets of materials that utilize an integrated approach to prepare prospective middle and secondary school mathematics teachers to effectively use technology in their classrooms. These professional development materials help educators develop a model of teaching and learning that goes beyond the specifics of a technology tool so that they are able to make informed decisions about the appropriate use of technology for teaching mathematics in general.

Over the last decade, PTMT has worked closely with mathematics teacher educators to share and continue developing the curricular materials. Throughout the project, over 120 mathematics teacher educators have utilized the materials either in courses or professional developments, which in turn have impacted over 3,500 mathematics teachers.

Our most recent development in the project includes the design of a web portal to allow free access to materials and technology files for each of our three modules: An Integrated Approach to Data Analysis and Probability, An Integrated Approach to Geometry, and An Integrated Approach to Algebra. To register for access to our web portal, please visit


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