We are deeply involved in bringing competency-based approaches into educator preparation, credentialing and professional development. To further this effort, the Friday Institute has begun developing a series of micro-credentials for teachers, coaches and administrators. These micro-credentials often support and extend the learning opportunities offered in the Courses but can also be earned by educators within or outside of the context of the course.

Micro-credentials are:

  • Self-directed. Teachers can pursue the micro-credentials by participating in a course, through other professional learning activities, or on their own.
  • Job-Embedded. Each of the micro-credentials is directly tied to classroom practice and provides a scaffolded approach to building useful classroom skills.
  • Competency-Based. Micro-credentials must measure an educator’s demonstrated ability to apply specific skills in the classroom context.
  • Research-Based. Micro-credentials are designed around skills that have been thoroughly researched and have a demonstrated import on classroom practice.

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