Families and Museums Exploring (FAME)

How can families and museums help kids become scientists? NC State is working to find out by partnering with three museums–Marbles Kids Museum, the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences–to engage families in STEM activities and encourage students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Research shows that kids in families who engage in activities together are more likely to continue those activities as they get older. If we create an environment where youth and their families see science and engineering as something they do for fun and where they feel supported and valued, they will develop an interest in exploring science and engineering beyond the life of the project. By engaging the families with scientists and engineers in an immersive experience, we can transform their knowledge and views of STEM careers.

“This project has the potential to transform how we think about career education and can make learning STEM a part of the normal activities that North Carolina’s families do for fun. We want every child to find new interests in science and engineering and give serious thought to a career in these areas. ” -Dr. Gail Jones, Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor



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