Developing an Equitable Talent Pipeline for Educational Researchers

Callie Edwards was selected for the inaugural Spring 2021 Impact Scholars cohort as part of the Strengthening The Impact of Research (STIR) program at NC State. As a part of the program, Impact Scholars design and implement a project of their own. For her impact project, Edwards will conduct a qualitative pilot study with undergraduate co-researchers who are paid work-study interns for her team, the Program Evaluation and Education Research (PEER) Group at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. In addition, paid graduate research assistants on her team may assist.

The purpose of this pilot study will be to understand what undergraduates at NC State University know and believe about the field of educational research. The study will consist of qualitative data collection (an online questionnaire, a reflective journal activity with a photovoice component and virtual focus groups). The study sample will include 9-15 undergraduate students. The participatory element of engaging undergraduates as co-researchers in the study is intended to model an innovative, high-impact practice. The pilot study will serve as proof of concept, essentially, by demonstrating the need for a talent pipeline in the field of educational research. The results from the pilot study will be used to inform a larger mixed-methods study.

To participate, please click the following link:

This link will direct you to an online consent form and the first component of the study, the online questionnaire (