NC 1:1 Learning Technology Initiative Planning

The NC 1:1 Learning Technology Initiative was a strategic initiative to support high schools throughout North Carolina in achieving the mission articulated by the NC State Board of Education: Every public school student will graduate from high school, globally competitive for work and postsecondary education and prepared for life in the 21st century.

While the most visible component of NCLTI was providing a wireless computing device for every student and teacher, the Initiative also addressed pedagogy, technology infrastructure, policy, professional development, community engagement, funding, and organization as necessary components of a sustainable model for supporting future-ready students in North Carolina.

NCLTI built upon the NC School Connectivity Program, which provided schools with the necessary broadband connectivity; Project IMPACT, which demonstrated the potential of technology combined with professional development for teachers to result in improved student learning; and the Evaluation of the NC 1:1 Learning Initiative, which provided important lessons and models to inform a large scale, statewide plan. In addition, NCLTI supported and extended other initiatives, such as the North Carolina Virtual Public School, the content standards and assessments developed by the NC Department of Public Instruction, teacher and administrator standards, the graduation project requirement, comprehensive data systems, LEARN NC, the Early College and Redesigned High Schools, and local 1:1 initiatives.


Dr. Glenn Kleiman

Phil Emer

Dr. Jeni Corn
Senior Research Associate

Verna Lalbeharie
Senior Program Associate

Rodolfo Argueta
Research Associate

Dr. Sherry Booth
Research Associate

Emmy Coleman
Research Associate