Dr Hollylynne S. Lee

Photo of Dr Hollylynne S. Lee
Professor, Mathematics Education
Office: 919-513-3544

About Hollylynne

Hollylynne’s work focused on statistics education began with developing the Probability Explorer software and conducting research on learners’ ability to reason about probabilistic phenomena through a simulation approach. Her current work focuses on preparing teachers of statistics to use innovative approaches and powerful technology tools to engage learners in building statistical understandings, particularly through the design and implementation of online professional learning environments. Her work has led to numerous books, research publications, and awards. In 2013 she was named a NC State University Faculty Scholar, and in 2014 received an Alumnae Association Outstanding Teacher award. She is a two time awardee of the National Technology Leadership Initiative Fellowship (2002, 2012), co-sponsored by the Association of Mathematics Teacher Education [AMTE] and the Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education.