Dr Hollylynne Stohl Lee

Photo of Dr Hollylynne Stohl Lee
Office: 919-513-3544

About Hollylynne

Hollylynne has been at NC State since 2000 in the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education in the College of Education. She serves as a Senior Faculty Fellow at the Friday Institute. Her research interests include teaching and learning of probability, statistics, and data science, especially incorporating technology use and designing technology environments that facilitate students’ learning. She situates her work in educational design in order to provide the best learning opportunities for students in K-12, her university students, and educators around the world that engage with her in online professional development. She currently has over 4.5 million in funding from IES and NSF to fund her research, and is the director of the Hub for Innovation and Research in Statistics Education. She collaborates with a strong team of researchers and graduate students at the Friday Institute, as well as faculty, researchers, and technological designers at organizations such as Concord Consortium, RTI International, Research Matters Inc and institutions such as: UC Berkeley, University of Georgia, Eastern Michigan University, University of Southern Indiana, Middle Tennessee State University, and UNC Charlotte..


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