2020 Friday Medal Honors Dr. Dudley Flood

Dr. Dudley Flood

Raleigh, N.C. — The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation has selected Dudley E. Flood, Ed.D., to receive their 2020 Friday Medal. Dr. Flood is a former educator and administrator at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) who was instrumental in desegregating North Carolina’s schools. During his 21 years at NCDPI, Dr. Flood served as assistant and then associate state superintendent. Since his time at NCDPI, he has been a lecturer and consultant for groups around the nation, serving on the Public School Forum of North Carolina Board, the WakeEd Partnership leadership council, and other boards and committees.

“Dr. Flood inspires us all to do more and be more when it comes to educational equity. We are honored to award him the Friday Medal for 2020,” said Hiller A. Spires, Ph.D., Friday Institute executive director and associate dean in the NC State College of Education. “Dr. Flood’s dedication to North Carolina education over the years is remarkable. We appreciate his courage to speak truth to power and work tirelessly to uplift teachers and children.”

In recognition of the commitment of Bill and Ida Friday to educational excellence, the Friday Medal honors significant, distinguished and enduring contributions to education through advocating for innovation, advancing education and imparting inspiration. This award is given annually to selected individuals who embody the mission and spirit of the Friday Institute. 

“I am most appreciative of this recognition, and I hope that it inspires the youth whose lives I have touched to realize that your good work is more recognized than you might ever have imagined it would be,” said Dr. Flood. “My heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of people who have empowered me to make a small contribution toward there being a better world for all of us.”

Dr. Flood is the 14th recipient of the Friday Medal. The 2020 Friday Medal ceremony will be held virtually November 19, 2020, from 4-5 p.m. EST. Click here to learn more about the award and to view past recipients.

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