About Us

Our work focuses on helping schools become future-oriented organizations that build upon their traditional strengths to best serve the students of today and tomorrow.

As part of NC State’s College of Education, we don’t just Think and Do; we challenge others to innovate with us. Through cutting-edge research and cross-sector collaboration between education, government and private industries, we empower educators and their students to be forward-thinking learners and leaders, contribute to our social and economic well being, and meet the challenges of a global knowledge workforce.

Our role in addressing the challenge of creating the next generation of schooling is consistent with both the research and land-grant outreach roles of NC State and its College of Education, and our work is strengthened by our connections with the college and the university. We are located on NC State’s Centennial Campus, where corporate and government organizations and business incubators work in partnership with faculty and students in a highly innovative environment.

We are proud to be named in honor of William Friday, former president of the University of North Carolina system, and his wife, Ida, who were passionate advocates and leaders in education for over 50 years.

Our Mission

Advancing education through innovation in digital-age teaching, learning and leadership, we bring together students, teachers, researchers, policy-makers, educational professionals and other community members to foster collaborations in improving education.

We conduct research, develop educational resources, provide professional development programs for educators, advocate to improve teaching and learning, and help inform policy-making.

Our Partnership with Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School

Over 20 years ago, the initial vision for Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School (CCMMS) emerged from an idea to bring Triangle school systems closer together. A school on NC State’s campus connected to a research institute offered a way to connect middle school students to professors and college students and deliver innovative teaching and learning strategies into the Wake County Public School system. This would also give NC State’s College of Education and the Friday Institute the opportunity for ongoing research, evaluation, teacher preparation and mutually beneficial professional development with a school located on the NC State campus. Today, CCMMS, the College of Education, and the Friday Institute have a shared commitment to learners, both students and educators, and have partnered on dozens of projects. Learn more here.

Strategic Plan

Read or download the 2018-2023 Friday Institute Strategic Plan. View our previous plan here.

Organization Chart

See the Friday Institute Organizational Chart.