Photo of Lauren Milam Acree
Photo of Arnita Adams
Arnita Adams Director of Finance & Business
Phone: (919) 513-8537
Photo of Osman Aksit
Osman Aksit Graduate Research Assistant
Phone: (919) 720-0525
Photo of Laura Albrecht
Photo of Alonzo Brandon Alexander
Alonzo Brandon Alexander Research Assistant
Phone: (919) 513-8506Leonardo Project
No Photo Available
Reema Alnizami Doctoral Candidate in Mathematics Education
Photo of Emily Antoszyk
Emily Antoszyk Research Assistant
Phone: (919) 513-8539TAACCCT
Photo of Christina Azmy
Christina Azmy Doctoral Student in Mathematics Education
Photo of Jonathan Barbee
Jonathan Barbee Events Coordinator
Phone: (919) 513-8547
Photo of Heather Barker
Heather Barker Graduate Research Assistant
Photo of Allison Black-Maier
No Photo Available
Danielle Cadieux Boulden Research Assistant
Photo of Anthony Bowser
Anthony Bowser Assistant Coordinator
Phone: (919) 513-8536NC-MSEN Pre-College Program
Photo of Suzanne Branon
Suzanne Branon Project Manager
Phone: (919) 513-8557Evaluation of Race to the TopHILL
Photo of Heather Bronson
Heather Bronson Senior Communications Manager
Phone: (919) 513-8512
Photo of Connie Byrd
Connie Byrd Coordinator
Phone: (919) 513-8540
Photo of Emily Cayton
Emily Cayton Graduate Research Assistant
Phone: (919) 513-8525zSpace STEM LabFamilies and Museums Exploring (FAME)
Photo of Katherine Chesnutt
Katherine Chesnutt Graduate Student Research Assistant
Phone: (919) 513-8525zSpace STEM LabMaster Science HobbyistsFamilies and Museums Exploring (FAME)
Photo of Tavia Clark
Photo of Emmy Coleman
Emmy Coleman Senior Research Scholar
Phone: (919) 513-8552Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative