Stay Young, Stay Positive by Tingting Yuan

Summer’s almost gone. This past Saturday, approximately 60 friends and I had fun in Wilmington, NC.

We gathered in the early morning around half past seven, and set out for the beach. Although a long time was spent getting there, the trip was still exciting. We knew from before that the beach was attractive and we would have a lot of fun playing there. Wilmington has everything we love about a historic Southern city, plus three beautiful island beaches – Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, and Wrightsville Beach.
Once we arrived at the Wilmington, we were amazed at the grand view. The sky was so clear and there were layer upon layers of clouds–moving like horses. Along the passage to the beach were people who were fishing. Inside their plastic buckets were different kinds of fish. Standing beside the handrails, we viewed the endless sea. Generations of people come and go, but the sea is always there, unaffected by time.

After a little break, we started to play beach volleyball. We tried but it was hard to run in the sand. But we really enjoyed working as a team. Happily, my team finally won.

Finishing the volleyball, a friend of mine took out some cards and taught us to play a very interesting card game. The game needed us to act out different kinds of roles. We had to guess what role each person was playing. This game required us to observe every person’s facial expression very carefully to infer who might be the “killer.” We were excited to play the game, and it was the highlight for today.



Surfing was another sport I loved. Since in China we do not have opportunities to surf very often, it took us quite a long time to learn how to surf. Beside me was a young local boy and he seemed to surf much better than I did. It seems I will need to practice a lot.





The clear water lured in for a swim. We also had fun sunbathing.

The time flew quickly and soon it was time to go back to our normal life. It was exciting to have such an outing so we could focus more on work on our work afterwards. To strike a proper balance between work and leisure helps us live a happy and healthy life. I was so grateful to have so many friends together.