Ready, Steady, Go by Jiarui Li

We are enjoying learning and experiencing life in North Carolina!

Being a student is a new journey for all of us. We started our journey on the other side of the earth. Does it sound exciting? Every day we get ready for a new challenge and more excitement.

Act 1: Class at Museum of Art

On September 11, we went on an adventure back in time at The North Carolina Museum of Art with Dr. Beal. We observed the Rodin Court and Gardens, The Swagger Portraits in the European gallery, The Tuskegee Airman, and The Blue Dancer.

“Untitled” by John Thomas Biggers. 1994

Each group is responsible for researching one developmental theorist. In the coming class, we are going to share our theory and discuss the related image found in the museum.

“Bride” by Beth Lipman, 2012.

Act 2: Cross-Cultural Study

Cross Cultural Study is a Wednesday class with the Chinese program participants. There is so much information to reflect on in this program. We finished the “Personal Values Pyramid” in groups from different countries: America, Japan and China.









“Find 15 words that can most represent our values.”

Have a look at the variety of pyramids. What can you find?








Green represents INTRINSIC; Orange represents MASTERY; Red represents SELF-EXPRESSION; Pink represents INNER DEVELOPMENT; Yellow represents LIFESTYLE; Blue represents TRADITION; Purple represents RELATIONSHIPS.

The Values Edge model

ACT 3: S’more- Friday Party at Dr Spires’ House! Yeah!
After a whole week of reading and studying, we had a wonderful night at Dr Spires’ house. We made some new friends, and met some adorable teenagers and a lovely puppy named Sadie.

The great tasting pomegranate drink.
Sharing our stories!
Getting ready for dinner…
Bean Salad
Pecan Salad








Ghost stories and S’mores!
We tried the amazing American campfire delights called “S’mores”. Would you like some more?

Thank you, Dr. Spires for the wonderful treat. We enjoyed the fantastic night and are excited about the coming week!


Jiarui Li