China Summit by Wen Ting

On September 4th, the Confucius Institute at NC State hosted the 4th Biennial North Carolina Summit on US-China Education at The Friday Institute. Experts and scholars from a range of professional fields came to share their thoughts and visions with audiences about how to cultivate world class leaders in business, government, and education.

In the summit, Wang Guangfa the principal of Beijing Royal School and Chairman of the Fazheng Group, gave an inspiring and insightful speech that shed light on his vision of US-China education exchanges and cooperation, local and global economic development, and also US-China relations.

As a leader and visionary in education, Wang Guangfa believes people should keep on learning as long as they live. He is passionate about education and spares no effort to provide teaching and learning resources as well as opportunities for his teachers and students. This year, eight teachers from BRS are enrolled in the New Literacies & Global Learning graduate program at NC State’s College of Education, and each year BRS offers its students the opportunity to study abroad as exchange students. BRS teachers and students owe much to this passionate and insightful leader in education.

Today’s ideas yield tomorrow’s solutions, so finally I would like to share with you some ideas which I think are thought provoking.

First, leaders should be good listeners.

Second, in language programs, we should link language to content, and talk about real topics at an early age.

Third, it’s crucial to cultivate globally prepared students who are cross-culture competent.

I’m glad to hear from you any thoughts or questions.



Wen Ting is a TOEFL and SAT preparatory course instructor at Beijing Royal School. Wen can be heard in the classroom reminding students to “Be true to yourself!” and “Have fun and enjoy life!” She is a free spirit and an uplifting role model for her students.