A Tour of North Carolina State University by Ying Dai

Welcome to the place where we can THINK and DO!

North Carolina State University is a public university located in Raleigh, North Carolina, in the United States.

NCSU was estabished on March 7, 1887. It is the Raleigh corner of the North Carolina Research Triangle, with Duke University in Durham, and The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Let’s get to know the beautiful campus first.


Talley Student Union

Talley Student Union is the central part of campus. It’s a place for students to socialize, to strengthen campus community, and to find the support needed to succeed.












The 1200-seat ballroom provides a great place for communication and student activities.

Talley Student Union also supplies lots of dining options, a bookstore and an ice cream shop. It is really a fantastic place.

“The heart of the union is not locked in the steel and concrete of a building, but rather in the Union organization. The Union building is merely the instrumentality through which the union idea is accomplished.Gerald O.T. Erdahl, Director, NC State College Union, 1949-1961

Carmichael Complex

The Carmichael Complex consists of Carmichael Gymnasium, Carmichael Recreation Center, The Aquatic Center, The Outdoor Courts and Miller Field. It features a cardio and weight training room, fitness studios, table tennis tables, an indoor climbing wall, and two Olympic-sized swimming pools. You can choose whatever activities you want. There are also outdoor courts for basketball and tennis and Miller field for various activities. If you like doing exercise, just do it!

Student Health Center

“NC State Student Health Services is nationally ranked among the best student health services in the U.S. and is ranked #1 in North Carolina by the Princeton Review”.

The Student Health Center is home to Student Health Services and the Counseling Center. The NC State Student Health Services is available for use by students, staff and faculty. They offer new prescriptions, self-care medications, emergency and urgent care. The Counseling Center at NC State provides help for students. They address problems common on college campuses, from social anxiety to stress to academic issues. If you need any help, please feel free to go there.

Free Expression Tunnel

The Free Expression Tunnel is located on Central Campus; it connects the north side and the south side of the campus. It provides the opportunity for students to express their ideas and feelings about anything. You are free to turn your thoughts into action!







D.H. Hill Library

D.H. Hill Library is the main library on the north campus. It includes more than 4.5 million items available for rental. The library features different styles of learning rooms, comfortable chairs, a digital media lab, a coffee bar, and the Howling Cow Creamery.


You can find more information about the library from Jing He on the website https://www.fi.ncsu.edu/updates/libraries-at-nc-state-by-jing-he/



Bell Tower

The Bell Tower was completed in 1937. The Memorial Bell Tower was built to honor the NC State alumni who sacrificed their lives in World War I and it is now a symbol of NC State.

There is a beautiful court near the Bell Tower. It is a favorite for reading and enjoying the sunshine. You can feel relaxed here. It is also near to Poe Hall.




Poe Hall

Poe Hall was built in 1971. It is home to the College of Education. Many classes are taken here. The building is named to honor Clarence Hamilton Poe, who had won the attention of Leonidas Polk for his excellent writing skills. Poe promoted education and was self taught; he received five honorary degrees including the World Peace Medal of the American Freedom Association.


There are more amazing places waiting for you here. NCSU is a place where you can create the future. Think and do!

Go wolf pack!



Ying Dai