NC Education Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) Update

May 2013

The NC Education Cloud Identity and Access Management System (IAM) shall provide every K-12 student, teacher, staff member, parent/guardian, and school community member in North Carolina an account, with a single username and password, that will enable access to cloud-based learning resources. The IAM system will have three major components: a centralized data repository with all user information, a central directory service that provides a master authentication and authorization resource, and federation software that enables Single Sign-On functionality for users.

The data repository will be a centralized collection of all user information from disparate data sources. The centralization of this data creates an opportunity for better reporting capabilities, data analytics generation, and access control management. The central directory service will also bring new options to local school district personnel by providing an automated mechanism for synchronizing global user information from the centralized directory service to local directory services. Finally, the federation software will give the end users a new experience of Single Sign-On. That is, a single username and password that grants access to all his or her relevant cloud services. Overall, the IAM system can bring new options and opportunities to the local school districts. It has the potential to reduce support costs through more effective account life-cycle management and create a better, more productive user experience.

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