Findings from NC Education Cloud interview and survey process: A report on local capacity to plan, implement, sustain and evaluate large-scale technology initiatives

March 2012

The focus of the NC Education Cloud (NCEdCloud) work is to provide “behind the curtain” shared services – shared learning infrastructure, shared enterprise infrastructure, and modernized business systems – that remove the redundancy of doing these projects in 115 LEAs and 100+ charter schools. On the surface, the NCEdCloud seems to be large technology initiatives. While technology is certainly a large part of this work, the real goal is to enable personalized learning for North Carolina’s public K-12 students and individualized learning for our teachers’ professional growth.

As work began on the NCEdCloud, the Cloud leadership team felt it was important to meet with LEA and charter school leadership to gather information on district/school technology use, upcoming initiatives, difficulties in implementing and sustaining local technology initiatives, budgeting information, and concerns about moving systems and service to the cloud. The team conducted site interviews and technology systems inventories (in the form of a 300+ question survey). While the survey data has been important to prioritizing services that will be offered in the NCEdCloud, the interviews – ranging from two to six hours in length, held with 114 LEAs and 10 charter schools, with participants that included some mixture of CTOs/technology directors, superintendents, assistant and associate superintendents, chief financial officers, and classroom practitioners – have served a broader purpose. Information from these meetings paint a picture of how our schools might be able to move forward with technology-enabled instruction, and adopt statewide services like the NCEdCloud and IIS.

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