Save the Date: 2013 Friday Medal

friday_badge1(2)November 20, 2013

at 4 pm

Dr. Robert Tinker
President Emeritus and Founder The Concord Consortium

In recognition of the commitment of Bill and Ida Friday to educational excellence, the College of Education’s William & Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation created The Friday Medal.  The Friday Medal honors significant, distinguished and enduring contributions to education and beyond through advocating innovation, advancing education and imparting inspiration. This award is given annually to those who embody the mission and spirit of the Friday Institute.


Dr. Robert Tinker is president emeritus and founder of The Concord Consortium. He has, for 35 years, pioneered research on innovative approaches to education using technology. His group created and studied the first applications of “probeware”— sensors connected to computers to give students powerful, flexible instruments. He also pioneered online courses and collaborations for students and teachers.

Seventeen years ago Dr. Tinker started the nonprofit Concord Consortium to concentrate on innovative educational applications of technology. The Consortium specializes in research on online learning, the use of sophisticated computational models, probeware, and portable computers, and applications of these technologies to pressing educational issues. The Consortium created the one of the first virtual high schools and spun it off as a separate nonprofit. His current research involves providing support for student science investigations and applying pattern-recognition software to teaching graph interpretation.

The award ceremony is an invite-only event. For more information and to RSVP, please contact