Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? A Plea For Teaching Media Literacy & SEL in Your Classroom

In today’s world, media literacy and understanding social-emotional learning are more critical than ever! In this session, Darren will take you through two integrated lessons that will help you address the media demands of today’s student, as well as offer opportunities to commit to the whole child. After this webinar, you’ll be so willing to drink the “juice” that the “squeeze” will feel like no work at all.



We invite educators to continue to learn and grow with these resources. Discover and collect new ideas and examples relevant to you after viewing the session video and related resources. Take notes and reflect while you view so you can customize the techniques for your own remote learning and classroom needs and adapt the strategies for your students. Let these guiding questions support your reflective practice after viewing the session and/or reviewing of session materials:

  1. Which strategies challenged your thinking and/or changed your thinking?
  2. Considering the Despair-Empowerment Curve, what are your takeaways? In what ways will you/have you empowered all stakeholders in their remote learning situations?
  3. What are your thoughts when you consider “Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze” in terms of media literacy and SEL?

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