Addressing Learning Differences with Remote Learning, Part I

With the transition to remote learning, we must be vigilant in addressing students who need additional supports in order to be successful. In this session, we will share resources and strategies to support student’s learning differences, including those in our EC programs, in our new learning contexts. Part I will focus on defining learning differences in the context of Principles for Remote Learning, connecting with students and families and promoting student engagement.



We invite educators to continue to learn and grow with these resources. Discover and collect new ideas and examples relevant to you after viewing the session video and related resources. Take notes and reflect while you view so you can customize the techniques for your own remote learning and classroom needs and adapt the strategies for your students. Let these guiding questions support your reflective practice after viewing the session and/or reviewing of session materials:

  1. How are learning differences distinct from learning disabilities?
  2. What are some key student engagement strategies that support all students?
  3. How can you best connect with your students and support their caregivers?

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