A Framework to Guide a Research-Based Approach to Teacher Education Materials

While many organizations and individuals purport and support the benefits of the use of technology to learn mathematics, many teachers are unsure about how to use technology in ways that promote students’ conceptual learning (e.g., Ertmer, 2005). Evidence suggests a model that integrates pedagogy, content, and technology is more effective for preparing teachers to use technology in classrooms (Lee & Hollebrands, 2008; Niess, 2005; Suharwoto, 2006) and this is the approach we have taken in the development of the Preparing to Teach Mathematics With Technology (PTMT) materials. This paper elaborates on our Technological Pedagogical Mathematical Knowledge (TPMK) framework, how we used it to guide the development of materials, and how we embody each of its components in our curriculum.

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