UNC-TV Research Practice Partnership

The initial aim of a research-practice partnership between the Friday Institute and UNC-TV  is to define a comprehensive and systemic research approach aligned to mission of UNC-TV: on air, online and in person, UNC-TV connects North Carolinians with each other, the world and endless possibility by providing content and services that educate, engage and inspire audiences, communities and partners. Defining this research approach requires that UNC- TV leadership team come to a consensus on the metrics that will determine the extent to which their identified programmatic strategies are implemented and the degree to which their expressed outcomes are achieved.

 The RPP is a critical step toward establishing a collective, sustained, mutualistic research agenda. The Friday Institute will engage UNC-TV leadership and staff, as well as community stakeholders, to ensure that the key elements of UNC-TV’s educational outreach and strategic plan align with the research agenda of the emerging RPP model. The broad goals of the RPP for both the research and practitioner partners include:

  • building capacity among practitioner partners to conduct applied research and evaluation on local educational innovations;
  • improving the implementation and impact of the educational programming and outreach; and,
  • creating a sustainable, scalable model for public television educational outreach for use at the local, state, and national levels.