The Reedy Creek Magnet Middle School Center for Digital Sciences/Friday Institute for Educational Innovation Research Practice Partnership

A teacher and student work on a coding project on a laptop in a classroom


Together, Reedy Creek and the Friday Institute are partnering to develop a culture of computational thinking within Reedy Creek’s digital sciences magnet program. 


Reedy Creek Magnet Middle School (RCMMS) and the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation began working together during the 2016-2017 academic year as the Friday Institute provided repeated and varied professional development sessions to help the RCMMS staff learn the language, theory and thought processes of computational thinking with a focus on decomposition, pattern recognition, algorithms and abstraction. Over the past four years, the relationship between the two entities has evolved into an early-stage research practice partnership, where the Friday Institute serves in the research role and RCMMS serves in the practitioner role. The partnership also has a RPP broker, or liaison, who serves as an intermediary between the Friday Institute and RCMMS and additional research support from the Department of Computer Science at NC State University.