The Leonardo Project

An intelligent cyber-learning system, the Leonardo Project supports elementary students’ scientific inquiry virtually on iPads through a science notebook application called the CyberPad app. This application complements popular kit-based science curricula such as FOSSTM (Full Option Science System).

The CyberPad application supports the individual students who are learning scientific ideas (e.g., electricity and energy) and has additional virtual labs from kit-based science lessons presented in the classroom.

Through various support systems employed within the application, students are prompted to analyze why phenomena are happening, rather than simply reporting observations. As the project team collects data on student use of the system it will continue to refine and improve the virtual labs and scaffolding. Ultimately, the Leonardo Project seeks to improve student scientific learning and increase interest in STEM areas of work and study.

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Project Team

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Dr James C Lester II
Distinguished Professor
Computer Science-engr
Principal Investigator
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Dr Bradford Mott
Senior Research Scientist
Computer Science
Co-Principal Investigator
Dr Eric N Wiebe
Co-Principal Investigator
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Alonzo Brandon Alexander
Graduate Exten/Research Asst
The Sci House Grads & Temps
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Courtney Diane Behrle
Visitor/No Pay
BTEC-Biomfg Training Ed Ctr