PRIME: Engaging STEM Undergraduate Students in Computer Science with Intelligent Tutoring Systems

The PRIME project has the overarching objective of transforming introductory computing for STEM majors by creating an intelligent tutoring system that provides individualized problem-solving and motivational support. The project will tackle the issue of courses that introduce computing to non-computer science majors in STEM undergrad. Effectively introducing computing to STEM students holds enormous potential for shaping the way students develop the computational problem-solving abilities that will be critical throughout their careers.

During the four-year span of the project, more than 11,000 undergraduate students will benefit from PRIME. The project will address diversity through the use and evaluation of PRIME at a Historically Black University, Florida A&M University. PRIME will be made available to computer science educators and the computer science education research community to promote broad adoption. It is anticipated that PRIME will fundamentally improve undergraduate STEM students’ computing abilities and their attitudes toward computing.


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