GUIDE: Guiding Understanding via Information from Digital Environments

The overall goal of the GUIDE project is to improve student learning of genetic concepts and scientific practices at the high school level. The GUIDE team is currently researching, implementing and developing a layered learner guidance system that aids students and informs student-student and student-teacher interactions in a deeply digital environment. We are developing and implementing our layered learner guidance system within Geniventure, a digital game-based learning environment built to support high school genetics. The GUIDE system will interface directly with Geniventure using and processing student interactions with the software to inform related guiding interactions in the classroom.  We are testing and developing the GUIDE system iteratively and collaboratively in formal classroom settings. As part of this development, we are researching how such a system can provide useful information in the classroom, how the information can support student learning, and in what ways understanding of core genetics concepts and science practices can improve under such a system. The team consists of a partnership between NC State University and the Concord Consortium in Massachusetts.


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