Evaluation of Race to the Top

North Carolina’s successful proposal to secure funding via the United States Department of Education’s Race to the Top (RttT) grant program includes an evaluation of the initiatives outlined in the proposal. This evaluation took place over the full term of the grant (2010-2014) and was designed to provide formative feedback for program improvement and determine impact on the target goals of each initiative and on overall, state-level outcome goals. Evaluations employed rigorous approaches that integrated quantitative and qualitative data collection and analyses.

To meet these evaluation goals, the Evaluation Team at the Friday Institute collaborated with two other organizations – the Carolina Institute for Public Policy (UNC-Chapel Hill) and the SERVE Center (UNC-Greensboro). This Consortium utilized the diverse expertise and capacities of the three organizations to provide the breadth, depth and rigor needed for the evaluation activities. Results were shared regularly with RttT leadership, stakeholder communities, and applicable national audiences through regular reports to state agencies, conference presentations and journal articles. Evaluation emphasis was placed on describing statewide RttT impacts and, where possible, understanding the factors that facilitate progress.

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