New Literacies Collaborative

The NLC is a multidisciplinary team of researchers and educators who promote research, professional development, and global connections around new literacies. This field emerges from the theoretical and practical intersection of literacy, evolving technologies, and media. NLC scholars develop innovative solutions to current educational problems, responding to the ways new technologies are changing learning environments. Our work includes designing and delivering professional development for teachers about new literacies, creating game-based learning environments, developing new approaches to teaching and learning in digital history, and investigating new approaches to teaching struggling readers across cultural contexts. All of our projects can be found at  Here are a few highlights:

New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute

China connections with Beijing Royal School and Suzhou North America High School

Disciplinary Literacy for Deeper Learning MOOC-Ed

Project-Based Inquiry Global


Dr. Hiller Spires

Erin Lyjak
Research Associate

Marie Himes
Research Associate

Jennifer Yuan
Graduate Research Assistant 

Casey Medlock-Paul
Literacy Doctoral Assistant


University of Connecticut

North Carolina Business Committee for Education