Maximizing the Impact of STEM Outreach through Data-driven Decision-Making (MISO)

MISO is a campus-wide project that seeks to determine the collective STEM impact of NC State University through its pre-college outreach and extension programs. The project team works to integrate longitudinal student and staff databases with an innovative approach to evaluation across the university’s K-12 STEM education outreach programs, particularly those funded by the National Science Foundation.

A critical part of this project is the long-term assessment of the participants through the creation and collection of common STEM Outreach Evaluation Protocols and indicators of success. This includes tracking participation in STEM outreach programs and following the impact they have on eventual enrollment of participants in NC State University and STEM areas of study.

The project will define valid survey methods and measurable outcomes for both teachers and students involved in STEM outreach. These final methods will be utilized, duplicated and shared in the future by any STEM outreach project.

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For information about the evaluation of this project, visit the FI Evaluation Team’s website.


Warwick Arden
Principal Investigator

Dr. Eric Wiebe
Co-Principal Investigator

Scott Ragan
Co-Principal Investigator

Jose A. Picart
Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Jeni Corn
Director of Data Analytics Group

Tracey Collins
Project Coordinator

Dr. Tricia Townsend
Research Scholar

Alana Unfried
Graduate Research Assistant

Alonzo Alexander
Graduate Research Assistant


National Science Foundation