Having Our Say

The Having Our Say project targets different groups of educational stakeholders to discover their perspectives on education for the 21st century, with a specific focus on teaching and learning with technologies. The process involves surveying a group of stakeholders and based on the results of the survey, conducting focus groups that probe more details from participants. The information gleaned from the survey and focus groups is then developed into a video script that is performed by a subset of the original stakeholder group in a grassroots video production.

Having Our Say from The Friday Institute on Vimeo.


Having Our Say :: Teachers Perspective from The Friday Institute on Vimeo.


Having Our Say :: Business Leaders Speak from The Friday Institute on Vimeo.


A.B. Combs Leadership Magnet Elementary School

Having Our Say is part of the New Literacies Collaborative. For more information, please visit newlit.org


Dr. Hiller Spires

Dr. John Lee


North Carolina Business Committee for Education