ENGAGE: Immersive Game-Based Learning for Middle Grade Computational Fluency

The Engage project is working to improve the computational fluency of middle-grade students through the development, implementation, and evaluation of an immersive game-based learning environment. Within this platform, students will explore and collaboratively solve global computational problems on a remote undersea research station.

Engage also provides professional development for teachers using the game at the EngageToTeach summer institute, which is designed to increase teachers’ computing fluency and instill a sense of advocacy toward computer science education. The Engage project is researching how game-based learning will be a highly effective and engaging method for teaching computer science principles to middle school students, particularly for underrepresented groups.

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James Lester
Principal Investigator

Kristy Boyer
Co-Principal Investigator

Bradford Mott
Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Eric Wiebe
Co-Principal Investigator

Jim Creager
Research Assistant

Megan Hardy Frankosky
Research Associate


National Science Foundation