The Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative (PLLC)

The Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative (PLLC) promotes pedagogical shifts in digital learning environments in order to inspire, innovate, and coach. We engage educators at all levels to provide research based, job-embedded models and approaches for strategic planning  and professional development with the belief that students deserve access to equitable, personalized learning experiences.

Our coaches are educational leaders who have extensive experience in strategic planning, leadership support and development, data-driven decision-making and professional development planning and design – all as they relate to digital learning programs. Our professional development is customized and tailored to fit the current needs of your schools and districts with a focus on adaptive student-centered approaches that provide concrete, quality, purposeful, reflective practices supported through technology.

The PLLC provides these programs:


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Dr. Mary Ann Wolf
Director of Digital Learning Programs

Emmy Coleman
Senior Research Scholar

Dr. Lisa Hervey
Senior Research Scholar

Theresa Gibson
Project Coordinator

Brittany Miller
Program Coordinator

Jaclyn B. Stevens
Research Associate

Abbey Futrell
Research Associate

Lauren Milam Acree
Research Associate

Alex Dreier
Research Associate

Greg Garner
Research Associate

Nancy Mangum
Research Scholar

Mark Samberg
Technology Innovations Project Manager