Center for Molecular Spintronics

Concluded in December, 2012

The Center for Molecular Spintronics sought to reveal the fundamental principles underlying the optimal use of organic molecules for spin transport and manipulation through new synthesis, advanced characterization, and state-of-the-art modeling. These principles drove the development of a new generation of low cost, low power, high performance spin-dependent device applications. The center was committed to pursuing these developments in close concert with industrial partners, science educators, and the general public to ensure wide-reaching impacts.

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Marco Buongiorno-Nardelli
Professor of Physics, NCSU

David Shultz
Professor of Chemistry, NCSU

Dr. Gail Jones
Professor of Education, NCSU

Jack Rowe
Research Professor of Physics, NCSU

Joseph Tracy
Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, NCSU

Wei You
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, UNC at Chapel Hill

Frank Tsui
Professor of Physics, UNC at Chapel Hill

Daniel Dougherty
Assistant Professor of Physics, NCSU

Martin Kirk
Professor of Chemistry, The University of New Mexico


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