Theresa Gibson

Photo of Theresa Gibson
Associate Director of PLLC Strategic Development
Office: 919-513-8538

About Theresa

Theresa Gibson is the Associate Director for Strategic Development on the Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative Team at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina State University. Since 2014 she has managed the development, implementation, and facilitation of the Friday Institute’s vertically aligned professional learning programs to support the transition to personalized learning for Superintendents, District Teams, School Level Administrators, Instructional Coaches, Instructional Technology Facilitators, Media Coordinators, and Teacher Leaders. Theresa also supports the implementation of the Friday Institute’s national Leadership in Personalized and Digital Learning Program which has been implemented in 15 states and 19 organizations. In North Carolina she supports the the Friday Institute’s statewide professional learning programs as part of the implementation of North Carolina’s Digital Learning Initiative.  Theresa plays a key role in the business development, sustainability, evaluation, and continuous improvement. Drawing on her experience as a mathematics educator, Theresa is also a course developer for the Fraction Foundations and Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations, and Teaching Mathematics Through Technology MOOC-Ed teams.  In addition to her contribution as a course developer Theresa authored 8 micro-credentials that align with the Fraction Foundations course and contributes to the scoring and validation of the Institute’s micro-credentials on myriad topics. Theresa earned her B.S. in Mathematics and in Mathematics Education at Buffalo State College in NY and her MBA with a certificate in Decision Analytics in at North Carolina State University.