Teaching, Learning, & Technology Framework

As part of the partnership between NC State University and Suzhou North America High School, a team from the Friday Institute is creating a Teaching, Learning, and Technology Framework for the school to use as they continue their organizational development. The introduction to this document addresses: (a) background on the unique collaboration, (b) the combined advantages of Chinese and American education philosophies, and (c) an overview of the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Framework.


Framework Basis

In the spirit of Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21), we are designing the SNA curriculum framework based on the (a) US-focused Common Core State Standards, (b) College Board Advanced Placement, and (c) Project-Based Inquiry (PBI) Global, with an emphasis on students addressing grand challenges of our global society.

Three Fundamental Areas

Building from these philosophical underpinnings we created the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Diagram to illustrate the three foundational areas that will help connect SNA students to the future. These foundational areas are: Dynamic Curricula and Pedagogies, Digital Learning, and Global Collaborations. We will continuously improve classroom practices through strategic planning to foster the development of world-class students at SNA.