Study Abroad Bio Poems

Study Abroad Leader:
Dr. Hiller A. Spires – Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor, TELS, College of Education
Energetic, innovative, artistic, generous
Mother of Gabriel Lover of family outings, literacy education, creating non-representational art
Who feels eternally grateful for this life, overwhelmed by too much work, inspired by too much work
Who needs more time to paint, more Mom patience, more yogi inspiration
Who gives time, resources, heart
Who fears closed in spaces, mice, an out of control world.
Who would like to eradicate poverty, make significant contributions to education, see more justice in the world
Raleigh, NC
Ted Richardson
Student Participants:
Briana Barrett – Graduate, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MED
​Creative, spontaneous, reserved, perverse
Daughter of Jannie and Wayne, sister of Mia and Niyah
Lover of music, nature, and laughter
Who experienced stress, happiness, and the joy of learning
Who fears snakes and lack of humor
Who graduated from college and is pursuing a graduate degree
Who would like to help climate change for the better, to continue to observe the beauty in this world, and to become some kind of doctor
Raleigh, NC
Darya Bontempo – Graduate, International Studies, MR
​Encouraging, kind, adaptable, empathetic
Wife of Eric
Lover of reading, traveling, and family
Who feels love, stress, and the passing of time
Who fears spiders, loss, and being stagnant/stuck
Who gives friendship, love, and time
Who would like to change the stigma surrounding mental health and homelessness
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Thomas Carrington – Graduate, Teaching, MA
​Energetic, comedic, sarcastic, and sporty
Son of Harvey and Rosalind, brother of Vince and fraternal twin to Travis
Who loves meeting new people, passionate about kindness, inspired by global diversity
​Who has experienced love from genuine kinship and felt hurt after broken bones
Who fears spiders, unsweetened tea, and isolation of others
Who discovered the joy of teaching others things and composed poetry since the 7th grade
Who wants to see the world, create a sports network, and meet Dwayne Johnson
Raleigh, NC
Curtis Chang – Sophomore, History, BA
Athletic, energetic, sociable
​Son of Kim and Calvin
Lover of basketball, chess, foosball, and working out
Who feels grateful for family and friends, overwhelmed by school, inspired by LeBron James
Who needs more time to work out, more time to improve basketball skills
Who fears losing out on the opportunities life has to offer, snakes, and failing
Who achieved Eagle Scout
Who would like to get rid of pollution and collect all NBA jerseys
Cary, NC
Alyssa Halter  – Freshman, Middle Grades Education, BS
Bubbly, short, adventurous, loving
Daughter of Toni and Paul Halter
Lover of traveling, quality time with friends and family, reading
Who feels inspired by sister, excited for new opportunities at NC State and new friendships
Who fears wind, small spaces, sickness
Who accomplished Dean’s list, scuba certification, skydiving
Who would like to see the Northern Lights, have a successful career, have an impact
Charlotte, NC
Jack O’Connor  – Junior, Psychology, BA
Loving, silly, reflective, peaceful, very humble
Child of God, my Mother and Father
Lover of friends, the thrill of sports, and summer camp
Who feels a great joy in purposeful work, who feels an awe at the scale of the world, and feels like he can accomplish more than he can
Who fears pain but not death, an indecisive attitude towards commitment, and kidney stones
Who is a Caldwell Fellow, Spirit of the Village, and Last Place
Who wanted to find work that is satisfying, people who love, and taste a piece of heaven
Raleigh, NC
Jenna Taylor – Graduate, New Literacies & Global Learning, MS
Ambitious, passionate, patient, blunt.
The fun aunt of Andrew, Elliott, and Cameron, mother of Grandpaw Digits the polydactyl cat.
A lover of solitude through camping, writing, and reading.
Who is seeking opportunities to grow, a desire to be an inspiration, and who demands loyalty of herself.
A fear of heights when things are still, the power of hate and the rapid speed at which it spreads, and the tarantula loose in my school.
Who inspires students to be independent readers, a crafter of poems and stories, a finder of peace in moments of chaos.
Who craves a world filled with patience for new ideas, strength in adversity, and love in spite of differences and fears.
Raleigh, NC
Elizabeth Uzzell – Graduate, Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development, PhD
Kind, smart, funny
Daughter of Andie, sister to Pete, dogmom to Angelica
Lover of musical theatre, writing and swimming
Sometimes stressed, perpetually tired, always grateful
Petrified of heights and zombies
Wants to change the way children are educated, publish books and make a difference
Durham, North Carolina
Lili Wang – Graduate, Teacher Education and Learning Sciences, PhD
Thoughtful, collaborative, energetic, and patient
Mother of Yute Lover of music, traveling, literacy education, and movies
Who feels passionate and thankful for life, loved and motivated by families and friends
Who fears cockroaches and is frustrated and overwhelmed by the new life in the U.S
Who would like to see penguins in Antarctica, climb Himalaya in Nepal, and educate hearts
Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Benjamin Wendt – Senior, Mathematical Education, BS
Learning, Advocating, Trying my best
Student at NCSU, son of David and Laurie
Who loves dinosaurs, math, and tennis
Who feels hopeful
Who fears the status quo, pessimism, and geese
Who finished three years at NC State,
Who wants to go to Africa, who wants to teach Math
Cary, North Carolina
Jasmine Wilson – Graduate, Teaching, MA
Compassionate, adventurous, diligent, and sincere
New mother of Laila Michelle Smith and daughter of Clarice and Oscar Wilson
Who is inspired by my family, whole heartedly loves the Lord, and has a great passion for nurturing children
Who feels overwhelmed with excitement for the future, love for the ones closest to me, patient to reach success and compelled to live life to the fullest
Who fears failure, regret, and being trapped
Who has accomplished an undergraduate degree and moving to achieve a master’s degree to follow my passions when so many in in this world has not.
The North and South sides of Raleigh, NC