For Educators

A research practice partnership (RPP) is a long-term, mutually beneficial and formalized collaboration between education researchers and practitioners. RPPs engage both researchers and practitioners in tackling problems of practice. 

Together, Reedy Creek and the Friday Institute are partnering to develop a culture of computational thinking within Reedy Creek’s digital sciences magnet program. Computational thinking is a new and unfamiliar concept to most; however, it’s a necessary skillset in virtually every career sector.

Project in Practice

“One of the ways that our partnership has provided great value is the establishment of the teacher leader cohort and all of the professional development and in-class student activities that have resulted from it. Working together to equip teachers to become leaders within the building has allowed us to reach every teacher with new ideas and tools to help them offer coding across the curriculum. The progress of our teacher leader cohort, along with student and parent activities related to the digital sciences, is discussed and reviewed in Digital Sciences Team meetings. These meetings, which were started as a result of the RPP, offer the researchers and practitioners time to collaborate and strategize. Our partnership activities are bringing relevant digital sciences learning to students in all subject areas, which aligns directly with the goals of our school and magnet program.” -Christine Sachs, MSEd, Magnet Coordinator

View our staff handout here for a brief history of our partnership.

For more information, contact:

Christine Sachs, MSEd
Magnet Coordinator
(919) 460-3504 x21508