CS4NC is the North Carolina chapter of the Expanding Computing Education Pathways Alliance — a consortium of states taking the lead to innovate with coordinated statewide computing education initiatives. Started in 2016, CS4NC is a collective from across NC with representatives from the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State’s College of Education, the NC Department of Public Instruction, the UNC-Charlotte College of Computing and Informatics, the NC State Department of Computer Science, and the Computer Science Teachers Association. CS4NC is focused on increasing awareness of computing education and coordinating activities and initiatives that will help us grow our computing education networks of educators and computing industry professionals alike.

As a state, we can provide greater resources and supports with a large-scale network, accelerating access in schools across the state, and reaching beyond the early-adopters and pilots to ensure we have the necessary teacher, school and community supports in place to broaden participation and opportunities for all students in NC.

CS4NC Steering Committee and State Leadership

Deborah Seehorn
Curriculum and Certification Committee Chair and K-12 CS Standards Task Force Co-Chair
Computer Science Teachers Association

Dave Frye
Senior Director for Computer Science Initiatives
The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
College of Education, NC State University

Tiffany Barnes
Professor of Computer Science and Friday Institute Sr. Research Fellow
NC State University

Charlotte Dungan
AI Program Architect
Distance Education and Extended Programs
North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Mary Hemphill
Director of Computer Science and Technology Education
NC Department of Public Instruction

Sam Morris
Computer Science Education, Program Manager
The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
College of Education, NC State University

Mary Lou Maher
Chair, Software Information Systems and Director, Center for Education Innovation
College of Computing and Informatics, UNC-Charlotte

2020 NC Virtual Computing Education Summit
(Fall 2020)

CS4NC will host the third NC Computing Education Summit in Fall, 2020 to bring together stakeholders from across NC virtually to re-ignite efforts to broaden participation in K-12 CS education for all students during these uncertain times. With participants including education, government, and business leaders, the 2020 Virtual Summit will engage discussions on the importance of computing education for all students as we work to address current global and national issues, and also facilitate local action plans to reboot and invigorate CS education in K-12 schools, expand CS programs and courses, in ways that result in broadening participation in CS for all students.

CS4NC Policy Update

On January 15th, 2018, NC Superintendent Mark Johnson submitted his recommendations to Expand Computer Science Opportunities to All Students in North Carolina K-12 Schools.
Read the recommendations (PDF).

CS4NC Summit – 2017

CS4NC Summit 2017

Read our CS4NC Preliminary Landscape Report.