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Looking Back to Think Forward: Reflecting on 9 weeks of remote learning in order to plan for the future

Read these takeaways from Friday Institute Research Scholar Jaclyn Stevens on what she’s learned over the last nine weeks of remote learning and tips for educators for self-reflection.

We Can’t Put the Genie Back in the Bottle: Designing Next-Generation Education in the Time of Crisis

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, people in North Carolina, the U.S. and around the world are confined to their homes with no clear idea of when life will shift to a new normal.

7 Essentials to Support Your Distance Instruction

If you find yourself suddenly in need of taking your classes to a fully virtual environment or distance learning situation and are not sure where to start, the Friday Institute’s Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative is here to help.

Christensen Institute: 3 Tips For a Better Student Online Learning Experience

The Christensen Institute shares tips for a good students online learning experience, including a tip from our Senior Director of the Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative, Mary Ann Wolf.

“I Think I Can, I Thought I Could, I Can’t!!”Helping Educational Leaders Maintain Momentum While Working Virtually

PLLC Research Scholar Shayla Rexrode shares tips for instructional leaders to ease the stress for their teachers and themselves while working virtually.

Future Ready Schools: Communication for School Leaders: Supporting Your 
Community During This Time of Uncertainty

Learn what school leaders can do to support and sustain belonging in their school communities during this time of uncertainty.