The Friday Institute Launches Learner Agency Modules for Educators

Raleigh, N.C. — June 21, 2021 — The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation’s Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative has launched a free pair of modules for educators focused on learner agency as part of their participation in the Digital Learning Collaborative’s Digital Learning Annual Conference. These modules are Foundations of Learner Agency and Learner Agency in Practice

Both modules are self-paced and center around understanding learner agency and putting it into practice in the classroom. The modules support educators in creating a learning environment that fosters and empowers each and every student. The modules are primarily geared toward K-12 teachers and are designed to take 10 hours each. The first two in the series are now available, and a third module will be released over the next several months. 

A global audience of educators participated in the pilot program of the first module and had great success. The educators who participated in the pilot shared the benefits to the self-paced approach. Participants called the experience “eye-opening, relevant to my teaching and immediately actionable.” Additionally, several teachers said they plan to implement more student choice and listen to student voice in their classroom. The module helped them understand the importance of students having ownership of their learning.

The focus of the two modules include:

  • Defining learner agency
  • Establishing an environment to support learner agency
  • Critically examining identity, learner agency and equity
  • Understanding students’ perspectives about conditions that impact agency
  • Exploring the connection between power, agency and bias
  • Seeing learner agency in action
  • Making actionable changes to your classroom or educational context to support agency 

Since the project’s inception, online professional learning at the Friday Institute has served more than 76,000 educators in 50 states and more than 160 countries. For more information and to register for the free modules, visit

Media Contact: Stacey Finkel



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