National Digital Learning Day


February 1, 2012 — Digital Learning Day is a national awareness campaign designed to celebrate innovative teachers and highlight instructional practices that strengthen teaching and personalize learning for all students. This year, February 1, marks the first celebration and North Carolina State University is part of the thirty-eight states, 10,000 teachers, and 1.5 million students participating in the day organized by the Alliance for Excellent Education.

NC State is participating through the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. Friday Institute education specialists are part of a late morning session that involves national, state, and district leaders and educators discussing teacher preparation and on-going, job-embedded learning opportunities to provide teachers experiences with the instructional strategies and pedagogy, as well as planning time, to maximize the potential of applying technology.

“Digital Learning Day is a celebration of innovation, creativity, and pedagogical transformation brought about by the integration of technology in K-12 education,” said Dr. Bobby Hobgood, Research Associate. “The emphasis here is on how learning and teaching are different through the thoughtful use of technology.”

Epic-ed, Empowering Innovative Communities Online, is a national collaboration between the Friday Institute’s Digital Learning Collaborative and the Consortium for School Network (CoSN). Funded by a grant from the United States Department of Education, Epic-ed is a national online community of practice launching in May of this year to support schools and districts that are planning and implementing ubiquitous computing environments.

Epic-ed provides a dynamic environment for educators to collaborate, share their expertise, and have access to resources to strengthen their ability to plan, implement, and sustain technology-enabled learning initiatives.

All are welcome to participate in this celebration of innovation by signing up at

Did you miss the Friday Institute’s presentation on Digital Learning Day? Click here to see the video about Personal Learning Networks. This video offers advice for using social media to build your Personal Learning Network, and introduces the EPIC-Ed community as one of the pipelines of information.

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