Designing Our Partnership Path

On Friday, February 15, three groups of educators gathered at Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School (CCMMS) to discuss ways to foster and enrich their partnership. Staff and faculty from CCMMS, NC State’s College of Education and the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation reflected on their past and current collaborations and examined their shared commitment to learners during a session called Designing our Partnership Path.

“We’re excited to create time and space for discussion and collaboration among CCMMS, CED and the FI,” said Friday Institute Interim Executive Director Dr. Hiller Spires. “Working together, we can provide more innovative and robust experiences for students, teachers and teacher educators. That’s the purpose of Designing our Partnership Path.”

Over 20 years ago, the initial vision for CCMMS emerged from an idea to bring Triangle school systems closer together. A school on NC State’s campus connected to a research institute offered a way to connect middle school students to professors and college students and deliver innovative teaching and learning strategies into the Wake County Public School system. This would also give NC State’s College of Education and the Friday Institute the opportunity for ongoing research, evaluation, teacher preparation and mutually beneficial professional development with a school located on the NC State campus.

During February’s session, the group discovered dozens of past and current projects they’ve worked on together, discussed their shared visions and values, and decided to form a steering committee that would help facilitate future collaborative work.

“Any time you can allow teachers to see themselves as leaders and give them the freedom to create and innovate, they’re going to come up with so many better things than I ever could,” said Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School Principal Kathryn Hutchinson. “They are the innovators for our students. It’s inspiring.”

This steering committee took ideas from the session and created a shared vision statement for their partnership.

Shared Vision Statement

Through mutually meaningful, sustainable partnerships, Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School, the NC State College of Education and the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation will enrich all learners through student experiences, educator preparation, professional development and research that reflect our values of equity, innovation and community.

The steering committee has established contacts for each group and highly encourages everyone to attend the Friday Institute cross-talk on May 13 featuring CCMMS Principal Kathryn Hutchinson and her team. Learn more here.

“With this partnership, we have the unique opportunity to support each other as we enrich teaching and learning for all involved,” said Dr. Spires. “The sky’s the limit for what we can accomplish.”

For those interested in collaborating with any of these groups, you can contact the following people:

University Liaisons
Lindsay Strickland

Taylar Flythe

College of Education:
Erin Horne, Director of Professional Education

Friday Institute:
Heather Bronson, Friday Institute Senior Communications Manager