GAMES Project

The Gateways to Algebraic Motivation, Engagement and Success (GAMES): Supporting and Assessing Fraction Proficiency with Game-Based, Mobile Applications and Devices project is a full research and development project addressing NSF DR K-12 challenge 5. For this 3-year project we target the learning of pre-algebraic fraction concepts by middle school students by examining links between motivation, engagement, and fraction proficiency.

Not all games are designed equally. Our development of educational digital games is grounded in the engagement states of cognitive, behavioral, and affective domains known to facilitate learning. Consequently, PIs will investigate the means to strengthen algebra-readiness, by conducting research on the role of engagement in mathematics learning using game-based curricula on mobile devices. The team includes a coalition of three colleges at Virginia Tech (Liberal Arts & Human Sciences, Science, and Engineering), the Danville Public School System in Virginia, and the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research.

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Dr. Michael A. Evans
Principal Investigator

Lixiao Huang
Graduate Research Assistant