The Friday Institute focuses on the following selected areas of work in educational innovation to support the effective use of technologies and innovative teaching and learning practices in K–12 education.

Innovations in Teaching and Learning
We develop and share innovative ways of teaching and learning that are made possible by multi-media and networked technologies.  These approaches increase access to educational opportunities and resources, especially for students and teachers in rural areas. Our new educational approaches engage students in interactive, visual learning environments and provide information to their teachers.



Education Workforce Development
Prepared teachers and administrators are key to successful education. Our focus on professional development provides educational leaders at the state, district, and school levels with the skills necessary for planning and implementing innovative educational programs. These programs enable teachers to use the latest tools and resources to teach 21st century content skills. We provide professional development opportunities that combine face-to-face and online activities to encourage participants to experience educational uses of technology in their own learning.


Evaluation and Policy Analyses
Local, state and federal policies guide schools to become more effective at preparing students. Our Evaluation Team conducts research and evaluation studies of innovations in K-12 schools and districts in North Carolina. We work collaboratively with implementers and other partners to ensure that findings from our studies are used to improve programs and inform policy.



Technology to Enhance K-12 Education
We design and test new approaches to provide state-of-the-art technology infrastructure that empowers teaching, learning, and management in K-12 schools.  This work combines knowledge of the latest techniques for providing leading-edge, cost-effective, reliable technologies with a deep understanding of the needs of K-12 schools in rural, suburban and urban areas.