Catalyst Grants

The purpose of the Catalyst Grant program is to increase research collaborations between faculty and staff in the College of Education departments and those located at the Friday Institute. A primary objective of this program is to “seed” collaborative research that will lead to further research and support from external granting agencies.

2019-2020 Grant Winners

Multimodal AI Literacy: Supporting the Learning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Through Multimodal Narrative Creation

Shiyan Jiang, Ph.D., and Bita Akram (Friday Institute)

Digital Durham Program Evaluation: Working Towards a Strategic Plan 

Erin Huggins (Friday Institute) and Laura B. Fogle

Foundations of Media Literacy MOOC-Ed: Providing Professional Learning in the Era of Fake News and Mis-information

Meghan Manfra, Ph.D., and Alex Dreier (Friday Institute)

Refining Survey Tools’ Content, Theory and Presentation

Sara Weiss, Ph.D., (Friday Institute) and Paul Umbach, Ph.D.

A Sense of Awe: A Tool for Enhancing Science Instruction

Gail Jones, Ph.D., (Friday Institute), Sarah Carrier, Ph.D., Cesar Delgado, Ph.D., LaTricia Townsend, Ed.D., (Friday Institute) and Jill Grifenhagen, Ph.D.

Amplifying Youth Voices in University-Community Partnerships: Write. Engage. Lead.

Crystal Lee, Ed.D., and Jose Picart, Ph.D. (Friday Institute)

2018-2019 Grant Winners

  • The Next Generation of Scientists, Science Communicators and Science Educators

Gail Jones, Sarah Carrier, Melanie Smith, Tamecia Jones, Lynn Cross and Sherry Freeman

  • Literacy and Community Engagement Initiative

Crystal Chen and Jose Picart

  • Connecting FACES: Developing and Piloting a Digital Learning Environment for the FACES Program

Jamie Pearson, Mary Ann Wolf and Alex Dreier

  • Developing a Web App Tutoring Tool to Support Decoding and Spelling Instruction

Dennis Davis and Mark Samberg