Pitsco Pea Ridge School District Evaluation Planning Session

The purpose of the Strategic Planning Session is to clearly develop a theory of action and evaluation plan for the Pea Ridge Exploration of Pathways (PREP).

Session Agenda

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. What is a logic model?
    1. What does a logic model do?
    2. Why use a logic model?
    3. Components
      1. Strategies
      2. Outcomes
      3. Ultimate goals
  3. Ultimate goals
    1. Answer the question, “What difference will the program make?”
    2. Identifying goals
  4. Strategies/activities
    1. Answer the question, “What are the major activities in the program?”
    2. Identifying strategies
  5. Outputs and outcomes
    1. Answer the question, “What will happen as a direct result of the program activities?”
    2. Identifying outcomes
  6. Links
    1. Represent hypothesized correlation
  7. Evaluation questions
    1. Outcomes
    2. Strategies
  8. Data sources and measurement
    1. What do you have?
    2. What do you need?

Session Materials
Logic Model Draft
Evaluation Plan Template
Proposed Evaluation Plan Draft- in process

Organizers and Presenters