NC Digital Leadership Institute

National and state leaders share data, research, and strategies for moving districts forward while communicating best practices and national models. This program provides an actionable framework that matches today’s education and technological priorities. The goal is to foster valuable knowledge and insight to help public school leaders make informed strategic decisions that support the district vision and improve student outcomes. NCDLI focuses on strengthening district leadership and communication, providing innovative tools for digital leaders, transforming pedagogy with compelling learning environments, supporting professional development and creating professional learning networks, and generating balanced assessments. This program extends guidance beyond the individual superintendent, offering key action steps for building a skilled digital leadership team as well as references and resources for continuous professional development.

Goals for Superintendents and Teams

  • Assess progress and challenges, increase learning and capacity about, and design solutions as they relate to the areas of the Digital-Age Learning Progress Rubric: Leadership, Professional Learning, Technology and Infrastructure, Content and Instruction, Data and Assessment.
  • Analyze and utilize data and experience of team members to Identify most pressing questions or challenges as a district. What are you most excited about? What are you most worried about?
  • Utilize the design thinking process to develop a prototype or deliverable that you will test.
  • Develop or refine communication strategies and plan for moving the design work forward.


Organizers and Presenters